Cheerful beaches, sparkling sea waves and colourful fish meet warm sunflowers and bright red poppies in the new collection signed Arcolaio.


“When art meets the Italian textile manufacturing, the Quintessenza of beauty arises”.

Protecting yourself is a duty, doing it in style is a pleasure.

We have felt the need to protect ourselves, those we love or simply those around us, like never before. The masks have become an expression of our sense of responsibility towards ourselves and others. It is not difficult to think that they will accompany us for a long time and that we will always need to have one at hand. We have thought of a sustainable alternative to disposable masks: to protect ourselves with what nature offers us. This is how Unanimae was born, a collection of small accessories in natural fabrics, to cover nose and mouth with conscience and aesthetics, so that wearing protection is not only a duty, but also a pleasure!


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