The collection designed to protect people


We have felt the need to protect ourselves, those we love or simply those around us like never before.
The masks have become an expression of our sense of responsibility towards ourselves and others. It is not difficult to think that they will accompany us for a long time and that we will always need to have one at hand.
In these difficult weeks, millions of masks are being produced which, if not disposed properly, will end up having considerable impacts on our ecosystem. But there is an alternative to disposable masks: protect us with what nature offers us.
We have created UNANIMAE in order to consciously respond to our need for defence and respect for the planet, a collection of small accessories in natural fabrics, to cover the nose and mouth with conscience and aesthetics, so that wearing protection is not only a duty, but also a pleasure!


Linen and cotton: for our products only natural fabrics.


Easily washable and sterilisable: reusable at zero impact.


Protecting us is a duty, doing it in style is a pleasure.

From local to global: the "know-how" of a territory made available to the world

Unanimae is a project born in the middle of a pandemic by Covid-19. A relaunch project that combines craft and digital skills to overcome the emergency.

We strongly believe in the capability of the territory, its resources, its identity. We have always been witnesses of the value of the "local" style that we insist on promoting with strength and awareness. We intend to contribute to the sharing of the human and professional skills of our land and to export the quality and innovation of ideas, the rarity of production, the extraordinary cultural and environmental resources that have made it an object of inspiration and desire.

We wish to do so to give motivation and emotions even at a time when everything appears to be a constraint, like wearing a protective mask.


A portion of the revenue will be donated to support the efforts of those who are struggling to help the weakest at this difficult time.

Let's do our part, in any way we can!