Scarf Face Mask


Scarf Face Mask made of three 100% satin cotton layers and one 100% soft jacquard linen layer. Every item is delivered with a small linen bag.

Intended FOR EXCLUSIVE USE OF COLLECTIVITY, produced for the purposes of Article 16, paragraph 2, of Decree Law no. 18 of 17 March 2020.
Not suitable for health or workplace use. Does not constitute Medical Device and/or Individual Protection Device.

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Composition: 100% Linen outer layer; Intermediate and internal layer 100% Cotton; Natural yarns certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® class I. Strati: 3

Fissaggio: Con elastici alle orecchie

Intended use: Filtering mask Art.16 c.2 DL 17/03/2020 ("Cura Italia")


Tear strength:> 31 N sec. UNI EN ISO 13973-1: 2002

Breathability: 54 Pa/cm2 sec. UNI EN 14683:2019 Annex C

Particle filtration capacity : 99% sec. Internal Method CEQ (PT-LAB-31015-A15)

Biocompatibility : The materials making up the mask are biocompatible for a duration of use of less than 24h on the basis of the documentary and bibliographic evaluation of the cytotoxicity and of the skin irritation and sensitization tests (according to UNI EN ISO 10993- 1: 2010).

Intended use : Filtering mask for non-professional use to be used exclusively as a precautionary measure as an accompanying device (and not as an alternative) to social distancing and other behavioral rules provided for by the provisions in force.

Prohibited use : The mask MUST NOT be used as a medical device (DM), e.g. in the field of health or medical assistance (also voluntary). The mask MUST NOT be used as an individual protection device (PPE) or in the medical-health-care sector, nor in the workplace as accident prevention when the provisions on safety and health in the workplace (e.g. DVR) impose the use of PPE to protect the respiratory tract.

Recommendations for use : Wash the mask on first use. Wear the mask after washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or having sanitized them with a special solution or disinfectant gel. It is advisable to frequently wash the mask with neutral detergents, at 40 ° C and / or with disinfectant additives. Do not use fabric softeners. Replace and wash if exposed to nebulized substances or if it gets wet or appears damp.

Storage: The product must be stored in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources, away from extreme humidity, dust and polluting agents.


Produced in handmade fabric, packaged and made with noble natural fibers exclusively in Italy.

Composition: inner layer 100% cotton, middle layer 100% cotton, outer layer 100% linen.

The yarns used are 100% natural and certified according to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® class I and meet strict human-ecological requirements guaranteeing high product safety and low environmental impact.

The fabrics used preserve all the inherent characteristics of the natural fibres, therefore any irregularities or non-uniformity of the fabric are to be considered not defects, but identity and evidence of authenticity.


How many times can I use the mask?

Properly washed mask lasts for years. It can be washed daily.

How do I chose my size?

The size is unique, but each mask is equipped with elastic bands that can be easily adjusted to your needs with a simple slipknot.

Are the items in the collection unisex?

Assolutamente si, le mascherine e gli articoli accessori sono pensati per soddisfare l’esigenza sia della donna che dell’uomo.

How soon will I receive the product?

The order is processed within 48 hours of receipt and the relative deliveries made in the following 24 hours throughout Italy (excluding islands), in the following 48 hours in the islands, in the following 72 hours throughout Europe.

Can I return an item I bought online if I don't like it?

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised in relation to the items in the collection as they are not suitable to be returned for hygienic and health protection reasons. The use of these products involves direct contact with the body and therefore the company guarantees for the protection of the consumer that, if already sent once, they cannot be sold again.

Can I return an item that I purchased if defective or damaged?

In the event of a damaged item, it is possible to make a return and obtain a refund of the expenses incurred, except for those relating to any ancillary costs.

The product must be returned in exactly the same condition in which it was received: unworn, unwashed, not modified in any way, accompanied by its original packaging and complete with any accessories, instructions and tags.

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