About Us


The weaving company Arcolaio was founded in 1958 by Francesco Perticara. The bases that he had created are the direction that the third generation today has chosen to follow. These bases are composed of quality, craftsmanship and beauty, meant in their democratic and essential nature. Indeed, we strongly believe in conviction that they are essential and unavoidable elements in everyone’s life and not unnecessary luxury. Every day, we weave warps and wefts to create fabrics perfect for all types of rooms in a house. The elegant and refined details are the Arcolaio’s sign, the real Italian style. The rich selection of bedcovers, quilts, drapes, tablecloths, centrepieces and bath towels is only made with natural yarns such as linen, cotton, wool and hemp. Both in the collections for the interior decor and in the daily items, aesthetic elements and durability are guaranteed by our daily desire to be innovative.

The Arcolaio’s collections are characterised by the accurate finishing touch and sought-after details and follow a tradition that combines practicalities and elegance, comfort and refinement. Today, Arcolaio is one of the most important companies in the handmade textile area in Abruzzo.




She is patient and tiredless in the sales activities and to establish positive relations with clients. Olga is the referent for the commercial area, thanks to her professional background. Her mission: to be an internal driver and manage the team to the company’s aims.



She represents the freshness of the new generation that has a lot of ideas and inspirations to be innovative. Mariana is the core of the Arcolaio’s creativity. Her works are inspired by innovation and flexibility to satisfy the customer’s needs.


Customer Care

If you are already our clients, you know well what it means to talk with Davide: his kindness and ability to create positive relations are our guarantee in the customer care. Even more, Davide deals with the shipping of orders and the manufacture programming.



Efficient and straightforward, Mariachiara certainly is the perfect person to manage financial relations clearly without ambiguous. While Arcolaio produces and sells, in the sideline Mariachiara cares that everything is done in the right way and will go well.