Also this year, Arcolaio will be continuing its creativity’s development. This time the Arcolaio’s stylist Mariana and the sales manager Olga have directed their glance to new fashion design’s generation talents, organizing an important workshop in collaboration with Bologna Academy of Fine Arts. The project aims are to impart the company’s know-how and to call into question facing new challenges. Always more frequently today, we see jobs and training as two different areas; Arcolaio has a different view because it reflects on the Made in Italy concept that has developed by ancient Italian studios in which there were a daily and continual link between tradition and young apprentices’ creativity.

For Arcolaio, the new generations are essential, because by their it receives new incentives and innovative elements, carrying on the important exchange among the past, the present and looking to the future that contributes making Arcolaio one of the best weaving company.

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