Arcolaio and Studio Elica introduce Quintessenza, the brand for an artistic interior furnish.

“When art meets Italian textile manufacturing, the Quintessenza of beauty arises”.

In this way, the Quintessenza’s project creators, Arcolaio and the owners of Studio Elica Elisabetta Bovina and Carlo Pastore, explain their partnership: an atypical collaboration, but at the same time a little bit foreseeable thanks to the many common elements. Indeed, both Arcolaio and Studio Elica are pure Italian creativity and in this new project they use the same key factors: Water, Air, Earth and Fire, that are the essential elements to create every fabric and artists’ inspiration themes.

This new brand is born to satisfy a modern target, that puts more attention to innovation, beauty and details. Indeed, Quintessenza is more than a basic home decoration, it’s the result of a new way to translate the Studio Elica’s imagination in jacquard respecting the ancient Italian manufacturing technique. Through innovation printing techniques, this new brand unites artists’ handmade drawings with fabrics bringing stylistic features and shadow effects. All of this is what thatcreates the beauty of diversity, sense of depth and above all the emotion.

From this partnership among Arcolaio and Studio Elica, it’s formed a new collection composed by agaves, roses, darting fishes, whales, vibrant corals and quiet jellyfishes that fluctuate in a timeless space. In this way, fabrics become the main character of the room’s decoration, building new personal imaginary worlds.

Quintessenza collection, Nemo.

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